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Custom LCD
News Release
Utilizing our extensive technology know-how to meet the increasingly diverse and
advanced needs of our customers.
TSK supports the business world with the abundant supply products of the TNESTN
LCD as a special manufacturer of the middle and miniature LCD.
TSK is being counted in the LCD special manufacturer with the very eminent characteristics in the world of
the middle and miniature LCD.The custom product which can't be made by the competitor is developed as
soon as possible, and a watch E camera Ecompact stereo system does supply.
TSK has more expensive evaluation than the big enterprises manufacturer of Japan and America and Europe.
There are a lot of actual results which it has like this, then TSK always works for the stable supply of high
quality TNESTNLCD.And, TSK hopes to want to contribute to the client's quality improvement and the technological
innovation by holding the various product line-ups which meet the diversification of the user needs.
LCD for Watch LCD for Watch LCD for Portable stereo
LCD for Camera STNLCD for Mobile phone Corner cut/Hole on glass/
Several color printing LCD
With pins LCD FPC/Heat seal LCD Metal LCD
Printing in cell LCD Polymer net/Guest host LCD STNLCD